Canada Sketchbook ~ Meaningful Balloon

Yesterday around midnight I randomly went out for a cig. Once out, I lit my cig and randomly decided to take a walk to the road, which I never do. So I walked quietly on the dirt road, puffing on my Marlboro. When I almost reached the house by the road, a balloon slowly fell from the sky, floating right in my direction. I grabbed it, and it had some promotional writing on it for Lick’s 30th birthday. Midnight passed and I was 31.

I know I see Signs easily, but come on ~


    Canada Sketchbook ~ Raccoons

    Big party yesterday. Lots of fun but being an old grumpy hermit, I needed some fresh air after a while. I just walked around small Toronto streets, and at one point noticed shadows crossing the road a bit further away. Walked closer and it actually was a raccoon family with at least 5 cubs. The mother starred at me with her wild, clever shiny eyes for a short moment, then slowly moved away to a dark alley by a house. The cubs followed her, and as the last one came over, I talked to him. He actually stopped. Got on his back paws, and starred at me, very intrigued. It lasted a good 15 seconds, as he seemed very interested in the noises I was making. Then he disapeared as well. I thus headed back to the decadent modern world, happy that my steps leaded me to such a mysterious encounter. This is the rendition I made the following morning on a pack of cig while fighting my hangover.