MPTeam – VGM Best Vol.1 – Early Sega Days

May 9th, 2008 niki

And there goes a first release. Re-release actually since it was posted on specialized forums already a while ago…. Anyway, I’ll just quote the nfo:

This is part of a project which aims at creating video game music compilations of all the essential titles me, my brother and cousin played as kids and thoughout our adolescence. In this first volume, we first get to hear music from games of my cousin’s Master System. We then continue on the Game Gear part, which was the first console I ever actually owned. I had to record most of the Game Gear tracks myself since game logs for this system are rare. All the rest, though, are recorded from emulated game logs. The purpose of this isnt as much to create an objective best-of as it is an attempt to re-create the atmosphere of what seems to be so long ago already, and awake memories.

Hope some people out there will like it ~

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