Basic bonsai care I by Bob Johnson

By Bob Johnson

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By Bob Johnson

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It is difficult to imagine a mother better suited to preparing a son for developing an appreciation of both Eastern and Western values to a young boy. Katō’s mother died in Yokosuka aged 83. Katō by then had risen to flag rank as Admiral Superintendent of the Navy Yard at Yokosuka and Sumako lived with Katō and his family at the official residence. Thus, one can imagine that, at least in her case, given the success of her eldest son, her sacrifice had been worthwhile. In a letter to two friends after the funeral he wrote: Thank you for your kind condolences on the death of my mother.

He had a traditional background: his father had commanded a squad of samurai spear-bearers in the feudal domain of Fukui, and Katō had received training in the traditional warrior virtues. 32 Here, by a judicious use of terminology such as ‘samurai’, ‘feudal’ ‘warrior’ and the repetition of ‘traditional’ Pelz has woven a web for the unsuspecting reader. Leaving aside the dubious value of such an approach what can one say of the assumptions and facts contained in the above description. Pelz singles out as formative influences, ‘the feudal domain of Fukui’, a father who led a ‘squad of samurai spear-bearers’ and a ‘samurai teacher’ influential on the young Katō who had received ‘training in the traditional warrior virtues’.

KKD, p. ), Fukui Jinbutsu Fudōki~ (Fukui, 1973) pp. 174–179. A detailed search of numerous local histories failed to turn up further information on Naokata. 19 For a detailed analysis of the Sankin Kōtai, (Edo residence system) see T. G. , 1966). 20 Kanai Madōka in ‘Fukui, the Domain of a Tokugawa Collateral Daimyō: Its Tradition and Transition’, states that in the Bakumatsu period 25 koku was above average in this area even for samurai (cited in op. , Wilson, p. 235, note 2). 21 op. ), p. 174 and p.

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