Biological Transmutations by C. L. Kervran

By C. L. Kervran

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By C. L. Kervran

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The results showed that farm size, measured in the number of sows, significantly and positively affected all efficiency scores, suggesting that larger farms are more efficienct. In a study by Helfand and Levine (2004), the relationship between technical output-oriented efficiency (calculated with data envelopment analysis) and farm size, measured in terms of the number of hectares, were assessed in farms in Brazil. The effect of farm size was considered both in linear form and in squared form, the latter to capture the possible effects on non-linearity.

Farm size and the determinants of productive efficiency in the Brazilian Center-West. Agricultural Economics, 31, 241-249. Sharma, K. R, Leung, P. & Zaleski, H. M. (1999). Technical, allocative and economic efficiencies in swine production in Hawaii: a comparison of parametric and nonparametric approaches. Agricultural Economics, 20, 2335. Chapter 6 THE EFFECT OF FARM STRATEGY ABSTRACT In this chapter, literature addressing the connection between farm efficiency and aspects considered in the long-run strategic management is reviewed, however the chapter starts by briefly introducing the reader to strategic management.

2008). Economic Consequences of Collaborative Arrangements in the Agricultural Firm. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae. Doctoral Thesis No. 2008:28. Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. , Pietola, K. & Bäckman, S. (2002). Efficiency and productivity of conventional and organic farms in Finland 1994–1997. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 29, 51-65. M. (1999). Differences in farm efficiency in market and transition economies: empirical evidence from West and East Germany.

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