Economics of water resources planning by James and lee

By James and lee

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By James and lee

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Safety, Reliability and Risks Associated with Water, Oil and Gas Pipelines

Pipes are of significant significance for delivery of drinks and fuel frequently for water, ordinary gasoline and oil. the full size of gasoline pipes on the earth is estimated at one million kilometres for gasoline delivery (pipes with a diameter of eighty to a thousand mm). Pipelines stay the lowest priced transcontinental suggest of delivery in comparison to rail-bound or terrestrial delivery.

Water-Quality Engineering in Natural Systems

Concentrating on CONTAMINANT destiny AND delivery, layout OF ENVIRONMENTAL-CONTROL structures, AND REGULATORY CONSTRAINTS This textbook info the elemental equations that describe the destiny and delivery of contaminantsin the water atmosphere. the appliance of those basic equations to the layout of environmental-control structures and methodologies for assessing the impression of contaminant discharges into rivers, lakes, wetlands, floor water, and oceans are all lined.

Groundwater: legal and policy perspectives : proceedings of a World Bank seminar

"Water is turning into an more and more scarce source for many of the world's electorate. the present traits point out that the final state of affairs is probably going to go to pot extra, no less than for the following decade, until the water career eschews "business as traditional" practices, which could purely let incremental adjustments to happen.

Subsea Optics and Imaging

Using optical technique, instrumentation and photonics units for imaging, imaginative and prescient and optical sensing is of accelerating value in realizing our marine setting. Subsea optics could make an incredible contribution to the security and sustainable administration of ocean assets and give a contribution to tracking the reaction of marine structures to weather switch.

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C What should the private investor do if he has no alternative investments this year, but starting next year (year 1), he can invest his money at a guaranteed return of 20 percent? 2-6 The three alternatives described below are available for supplying a community water upply for the next 50 year when all economic lives as well as the period of analysis terminates. 5 percent discount rate where applicable, compare the projects by: a The present-worth method b The rate-of-return method c The benefit-cost ratio method d The annual-cost method MATHEMATICS OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS 39 2-7 A decision must be made between two alternative investments which perform equally well.

53-54. MATHEMATICS OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS 33 From our previous calculations on our sample problem, we know that each project has a positive present worth at a 5 percent discount rate; therefore, each project has a benefit-cost ratio greater than 1 and Rule 3 is met. As with the rate-of-return method, differences between alternatives (Table 2-2) are taken to see if the incremental costs are justified. The incremental net cost found in Sec. 2-10 when coupled with the zero incremental benefit indicates a zero incremental benefit-cost ratio.

The least-total-cost method merely sums the estimated investment, operations, and maintenance costs over the life of the project and thus obviously ignores the timing of costs required by the discounting concept. The least-total-annual-cost method adds an interest cost to the total cost. Those using this method confuse financial analysis with economic analysis by including interest as a cost without determining time equivalence by discounting specific cash flows. , and S. Smidt: "The Capital Budgeting Decision" (New York: The MacMillan Company, 1960).

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