Exploration in the World of the Ancients, Revised Edition by John S. Bowman

By John S. Bowman

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By John S. Bowman

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He posted an account of his voyage at a temple in Carthage when he returned. indd 30 9/11/09 4:12:30 PM Early Ancient Explorers  31 He set sail with sixty vessels of fifty oars and a multitude of men and women to the number of 30,000 and provisions and other equipment. After putting out to sea and passing the Pillars [of Hercules] we sailed beyond them for two days. At this point, Hanno, unlike Himilco, turned south and proceeded down the northwest coast of Africa: We sailed on for half a day until we arrived at a lagoon full of high and thick-grown cane.

C. was said to have sailed through the Strait of Gibraltar and down along the west coast of Africa. There he came to a large river in which he saw crocodiles, which Euthymenes believed indicated he had seen the Upper Nile. Nothing about these tales can be verified, but what matters is the message between the lines. The Greeks knew the risks of setting out to sea, yet they were intrigued by the prospects of traveling far from home. tWo aDventUroUs GreeKs Perhaps no one represented this spirit of the ancient Greeks more than Herodotus.

He led his army north into the region known as Media. He then moved along the southern shore of the Caspian Sea eastward through Parthia. After turning down into southeastern Persia, he headed north into Afghanistan. indd 50 9/11/09 4:12:43 PM Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World  51 At one point he crossed a mountain pass at 8,700 feet (2,651 meters), where his troops suffered greatly from the cold and snow. Alexander’s army spent the winter in northern Afghanistan (near the location of modern Kabul).

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