Folate in health and disease by Lynn B Bailey

By Lynn B Bailey

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By Lynn B Bailey

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The role of folate is, with a few rare exceptions, to carry onecarbon units. These onecarbon units exist at various levels of oxidation. The entire range of oxidation stam for onecatbon compoundsextends from methane, the most reduced, to carbon dioxide, the most oxidized. With the exception of carbon dioxide, onecarbon units are generated in the cell during metabolism andare carried from one reaction to anotheras folate derivatives. The oxidation levels differ from each other by the gain or loss of two electrons.

Folates and pterins. Vol. Nutritional, Pharmacological. and Physiological Aspects. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Lee H-C, Shoda R, Krall JA, FosterJD, Selhub J, Rosenbeny TL. Folate binding protein from kidney brush border membranes contiins components of a glycoinositol phospholipid anchor. Biochemistry Weitman SD, Weinberg Coney LR. Zarawski VR, Jennings DS, Kamen BA. Cellular localization of the folate receptor: potential role in drug toxicity and folate homeostasis. Cancer Res Kamen BA, Capdevila A.

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