Fractional exitation by Milovanov

By Milovanov

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By Milovanov

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The Pfaff or convective derivatives ∂α with respect to θα are ∂ − β i ∂i ∂t ∂ ∂i ≡ ∂xi ∂0 ≡ (2) In this coframe, the metric g reads ds2 = gαβ θα θβ ≡ −N 2 (θ0 )2 + gij θi θj . (3) The t-dependent scalar N and space vector β are called the lapse function and shift vector of the slicing. These quantities were explicitly identified in [7] and play prominent roles in all subsequent 3 + 1 formulations. Any spacetime tensor decomposes into sets of time dependent space tensors by projections on the tangent space or the normal to Mt .

General formulation and physical interpretation. Phys Rev D10:428-436. 36. Teitelboim C. (1973) How commutators of constraints reflect the spacetime structure. Ann Phys (NY) 79:542-557. 37. Teitelboim C. (1977) Supergravity and square root of constraints. Phys Rev Lett 38:1106-1110. 38. Friedrich H. (1991) On the global existence and the asymptotic-behaviour of solutions to the Einstein-Maxwell-Yang-Mills equations. J Diff Geom 34:275345. 39. , Noutchegueme N. (1986) Syst`eme hyperbolique pour les ´equations d’Einstein avec sources.

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