Handbook For Research In Coop Educ And Internships by P. Linn, A. Howard, E. Miller

By P. Linn, A. Howard, E. Miller

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By P. Linn, A. Howard, E. Miller

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Baxter Magolda (1992, 2000, 2001) came from the student personnel field; her work embeds cognitive development during college within residential campus life. Unfortunately, she doesn't consider student work experiences during college in her research. The stages she described for intellectual change in late adolescence are somewhat different from Perry's (1970) and Kegan's (1994), and she found gender differences similar to Belenky et al. (1986). Here, again, we run into the risk of getting overwhelmed by several slightly different theories all describing cognitive development in late adolescence as stimulated by higher educational experiences, but Baxter Magolda (2000, especially chap.

All rights reserved. One goal of the chapter is to argue that the context in which a learning activity takes place is crucial to the way co-op students develop knowledge and skills. A second goal is to address the question of obtaining buy-in when conducting a research study. Buy-in means obtaining support and endorsement from individuals at all levels of the institution under consideration as a research site. Buy-in is a core requirement for a successful study, in that it is a precondition for access to key data and informants.

Employers will find this theory useful, too. We all have experienced the frustration of carefully teaching our reality to a student, yet that student continues to cling to his or her own perspective. Why don't they get it? It can be useful and reassuring to read that students change in predictable ways in their thinking about where knowledge comes from, how it is acquired, what role others play in their education, and how to make difficult decisions in ambiguous circumstances. From here the trunk of the theoretical tree splits.

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