Herbal Medicine for Human Health by R.R. Chaudhury

By R.R. Chaudhury

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By R.R. Chaudhury

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Some mammals let their core temperatures fluctuate more widely, as for example Grant's golden moles (Erimitalpa grantii) in the Namib desert. If these insectivorous mammals are submerged in sand, the temperature of which is manipulated over the 23-33 °C range, their core temperature follows that of the sand temperature. In sand at constant temperature the mole can control its temperature fluctuations to occur over a similar range. , 1990). They seem to lie between endothermy and ectothermy. Some mammals, such as camels, link the daily swing of core temperatures to the degree of body hydration in order to conserve water.

Could this be an example of what T. H. Huxley (1873) called 'the great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact', or does it emphasize that there may be a number of different pyrogenic cytokine pathways with some cytokines inducing a cascade of mediators some of which we know and others as yet to be discovered, and with variations depending on the species studied? Another problem may relate to the assay for IL-1 in different species. Recently a very sensitive radioimmunoassay for circulating IL-1 has been developed for use in the rat (Derijk & Berkenbosch, 1992), and using this the authors demonstrated a rise in the plasma level of IL-1 in response to administration of bacterial lipopolysaccharide.

7; Cooper & Kerslake, 1954). This reflex response involves afferent nerve fibres which appear to travel Mechanisms of temperature regulation 31 37O -20 TIME —MIN Fig. 6. Blood flow (heat elimination) in the fingers of the left hand, and left auditory meatus (core) temperature on infusion of warm saline into the right internal carotid artery in the human. Infusion time indicated by hatched columns. The induced vasodilatation led to a fall in core temperature as measured deep in the left auditory meatus.

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