Nutrition and disease prevention by Allman T.

By Allman T.

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By Allman T.

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Indd 32 5/12/10 9:27:18 AM deficiency diseases 33 the miNeraL for the thyroid gLaNd The first half of the twentieth century saw an end to many micronutrient deficiency diseases in wealthy countries, and mineral deficiency diseases were no exception. Iodine, for instance, is a somewhat rare kind of salt that occurs in seawater and in the soil, air, and fresh water in coastal regions. Where it occurs naturally, plants absorb the iodine from the soil. Animals and people who eat the plants or drink the water ingest iodine.

The pancreas, digestive tract, liver, and heart begin to break down. Muscles begin to waste away as the body breaks them down for energy. Then, bones stop growing. The thyroid gland begins to shrink, and a condition called hypothyroidism develops. This means that the thyroid gland is not producing hormones in the right quantity, and so the aNorexia NerVosa Anorexia nervosa is a medical and psychological disorder that leads to self-starvation through extreme dieting and exercise. An individual affected by this eating disorder may become emaciated and yet continue to believe that he or she is too fat.

Dr. Rabinowitz says that prevention is much easier than treatment, which is usually prolonged and complicated in severe cases. Almost always, the treatment is further complicated by the immediate need to treat serious infections. Fluids—carefully balanced with glucose and salt—are the first requirement, because children with marasmus are dehydrated and suffer electrolyte imbalances. Often, the fluid solution is provided through a tube that is threaded through the nose and into the stomach. Treatment aims to avoid cardiac failure (from shocking the body with too much, too soon) and to overcome the victim’s anorexia so that re-feeding can begin.

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