The New Politics of European Integration by Ghița Ionescu (eds.)

By Ghița Ionescu (eds.)

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By Ghița Ionescu (eds.)

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Brugmans reported on this meeting to the central committee of UEF. The minutes which I have before me make it possible to reconstruct exactly the dramatic situation in which UEF had to play its part, or rather to shape it, taking great risks whatever it did . Brugmans recalls first the idea which had germinated in Montreux of 'summoning Europe' in a vast popular campaign, in order to create the nucleus of a future government. The other organizations had decided for their part to call together at The Hague the outstanding European personalities and were inviting us to join in.

On methods, person al kn owledge. THE ROLE OF JEAN MONNET 35 economic development; that he was chairman of the Franco-British Committee for Economic Co-ordination at the beginning of the second world war, then served on the British Supply Council in Washington; that he was commissioner for supplies, armament and reconstruction on the French National Liberation Committee in Algiers; that he was first commissioner of the French Plan after the war; that he led the French delegation to the Schuman Plan negotiations; that he was first president of the European Coal and Steel Community's High Authority; that he subsequently became president of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe.

During the next European con gress, Stalin wh o is stronger th an you are, will send fifty delegates. ' I think that I raised my vo ice a little. The ushers asked us to leave. I sent for Retinger and Paul va n Zeeland, who were on the platform. In a little room near the entrance, we sat down six o r seven of us, and after ten minutes of heated discussion, Paul van Zeeland w ho was to preside over the last meeting, prop osed a compromise: I was to read the Messa ge, leaving out the small incriminating phrase.

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