The red orchestra: The anatomy of the most successful spy by Gilles Perrault

By Gilles Perrault

Bibliography: p. 529-530

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By Gilles Perrault

Bibliography: p. 529-530

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Finland's Marshal Mannerheim confirms in his memoirs that he received an assurance from General Ironside, Chief of the British General Staff, that a first contingent of fifteen thousand men would be ready to move by the end of March. When the month was only two days old, Norway and Sweden turned down the Allies' application for right of passage. On March 8, Daladier informed Mannerheim that if Finland asked officially for Allied aid the expeditionary force would force its way across Scandinavia.

I went to work at the Moulin Rouge. I'll tell you one thing, I'll never forget the French Cancan troupe at the Moulin Rouge. Every one of the girls was Jewish. They had all been in separate acts, but their male partners, who weren't Jewish, had dropped them, so they'd all banded together. At the Moulin Rouge I met my friend Sierra again. He was often there with his girl-friend, a big blonde who wasn't afraid to look at a man. One day Sierra asked me to buy some stock in an import-export business he was setting up.

He sought admission, was enrolled and managed to slip out of Poland at last. Hechalutz was a Zionist body financed by wealthy American Jews. Its aim was to promote immigration to the Promised Land. Palestine was still under British mandate, and the British were remarkably successful at keeping out the tragic throng, who were to perish in the gas ovens of Auschwitz, only a few years later—admittedly, a fate which the territory's administrators could not have foreseen. Hecha-lutz was responsible for picking the small, privileged band of immigrants officially allowed into the country each year.

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