The Spectrum of Cephei by Adams W.S., Shapley H.

By Adams W.S., Shapley H.

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By Adams W.S., Shapley H.

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Gerard ’t Hooft of Utrecht University in the Netherlands studied such theories as long ago as 1974 and predicted that the gluons would form chains that behave much like the strings of string theory. The precise nature of these strings remained elusive, but in 1981 Alexander M. Polyakov, now at Princeton University, noticed that the strings effectively live in a higher-dimensional space than the gluons do. As we shall see shortly, in our holographic theories that higher-dimensional space is the interior of anti–de Sitter space.

Once a pandemic goes global, responses will vary locally as individual countries with differing resources make choices based on political priorities as much as on science. Prophylactic use of antivirals is an option for a handful of countries able to afford drug stockpiles, though not a very practical one. No nation has enough of the drugs at present to protect a significant fraction of its population for months. Moreover, such prolonged use has never been tested and could cause unforeseen problems.

It takes a very large mass or a great concentration of mass to produce much spacetime curvature. Even the curvature produced near the sun is exeedingly small compared with the amount needed for quantum gravity effects to become apparent. Though these effects are completely negligible now, they were very important in the beginning of the big bang, which is why a quantum theory of gravity is needed to describe how the big COPYRIGHT 2005 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. NOVEMBER 2005 C I R C L E L I M I T I I I , B Y M .

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