Amaranth PC98 Game Recording

Alright guys, this one is GREAT !

I was recently introduced to Amaranth through it’s one and only official album, which kinda blew me away. If you can find this album, get it, it’s that good.

What puzzled me is that despite the awesome rock arranges, the original music on it did not sound like PC98 music, but rather like X68K sounds. I painfully translated parts of the booklet to discover that, indeed, it was X68K music, even though the game was never released for it. Weird ? Kinda. Did I want to hear how it sounded on a PC98 ? Hell yeah !!!

So I fired HOOT, and after 2 songs I knew I needed to make a recording of that stuff. Izuru Aki is good. The way he handles the PC98 FM sound, his melodies, the complexity yet catchy-ness of his music places him, in my opinion, among the great composers of this golden era with this release alone. Just listen to it, the whole soundtrack is just packed with memorable themes. I guess none of the games he worked for were ever super popular, ’cause he honestly deserves to be more popular than he is. I’d definitely be ripping more of his stuff.

Anyways, about this archive, the whole thing was recorded from HOOT. The only version available was OPN which makes sense for 1990. The titles were taken from the aforementioned album, and I translated the extra tracks from the HOOT’s XML. The tracks were ordered after the album’s tracklist with the extra tracks scattered here and there.

I’ll grab the occasion to express all my gratitude and admiration to what the western VGM information scene is today. From the people at VGMDB, to people like Knurek who host and organize video game music emulated formats in a flawless way, ripping stuff has never been that comfortable. When I think back of how it was 10 years ago, the least you can say is that things progressed in a tremendous way. So yeah, thanks and congrats, everyone. <3 Anyway, enjoy ! >>> Download <<<

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