Interplay – Lord of the Rings Pack 2 – PC CD-ROM Redbook

So I could get my hands on this hard to find 1993 CD-ROM version. I was pleasantly surprised to notice it indeed had redbood (CDDA) tracks, and here they are.

They were arranged from Charles Deenen’s compositions by Eric Heberling. The main theme sounds more like the early PC version while the shire theme surprisingly sounds exactly like the SNES version. I’m sad the arrangements aren’t that great too, as they lose much of the atmosphere of the originals by using an almost constant “blaring trumpet” synth style. Well, it’s still pretty cool to have new versions. :3

Most ingame tracks are very long and loop a bunch of times. Track 5 sadly skips a lot, which I’ll try to fix if I can find another ISO. Tracks 6 to 16 contain dialogues.

Enjoy ~

>> Download <<

!!! 31-08-2008 edit: Track 5 updated with a repaired copy provided by Sagi ~

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  1. Been looking for the CD version for quite a while – thanks for making these tracks available.

    As for track 5, I sent it to a friend of mine who’s into this stuff and he repaired it quite perfectly (patching skips by over-writing them with the correlating part from other loops). If you’d like me to send you the fixed MP3 drop me an email.

  2. […] but the archive for Lord of the Rings pack 2 has been updated with the repaired track 5 provided by Sagi. Many thanks to […]

  3. Wow, i have been looking for this for YEARS!

    This takes me back to those heady days of 386 pc’s with 8megs of RAM!

    An epic win for you good sir, I award you 1 internets!

  4. Thank you so very much! I was looking for the track nº 3. It´s very epic isn´t it?

  5. do these tracks have names, other than track 1, track 2, etc?

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