Necronomicon PC98 & FM Towns Music

Necronomicon is a Japanese horror adventure game, set in the fictional world of author H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos – a series of interconnected stories on the theme of unspeakable cosmic horrors.

So yes, expect dark, atmospheric music here. Teioh introduced me to the FM Towns redbook, and I was indeed really impressed with the quality of it’s organ and choirs driven melodies. I decided to give the HOOT set a listen and was there again impressed, this time by how dark and gloomy MUSE manages to make his FM music sound. There is only one fast track on there, and what a track. The Deep One is what finished to convince me to record the whole thing.

So there you are, an obscure PC98 soundtrack AND its’ (kinda) arrange album. :p

Credits to Teioh for finding it, and the tracklist <3 Enjoy ~ >>> Download <<<

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