Novastorm High Quality Game Rip


Soooo I’m finally back with an internet and my first action will be to post Drick’s Novastorm high quality rip he posted in the comments of Bobske’s original release.

Many thanks to him for his hard work ! <3

>> Download <<

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  2. The Ultra Quality FLAC version (1.2) can be found here :

  3. You guys are my heroes. I’ve been looking for this soundtrack since i played the game in 97.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Top job dude, I was even thinking of getting an old dx2 to do this job, but what you’ve done is good enough for the nostalgia. goosebumps when i listen to this shit! i was disappointed at first because of the clicks but you sorted them out like a pro well done and shame they removed the other links for the other games. Cannon fodder, speedball 2 and Alien Breed are also my favs.

  5. I can probably host those as well if Dricks wants me to :)

  6. Absolutely awesome – 13 years of waiting as well for me!

    I love these tunes!

  7. Finally!!!

    This is so AWESOME!!! :D
    big big thanks!

    I already wanted to play and record it myself, cause the soundtrack was nowhere to be found… till now!!! and the songs are stuck in my head ever since I played this game, back in ’95 or so… =D


  8. At long last ! I have waited for this moment. Thank you so much for this !

  9. From what version is that screenshot ? If it is from pc_cd, from where i could download it ? (i have a question cose on this screenshot is another shots bar)

  10. thanks to Bobske and dricks for their hard work, I still have the original novastorm CD but never got around to ripping the stuff myself ;)

    anyway – I remember finding this site a while back and downloading the first rips, but I totally missed out on the FLAC versions and would love to listen to them (this is excellent background music for work ^^). any chance someone still has the final FLAC rip and could upload it again? the links posted here don’t work anymore. I would really appreciate some help finding them again.

  11. Hey, sorry mpan I don’t have the FLAC files anymore. Maybe Dricks will pop by again :)

  12. thanks… I’ll wait :)

  13. Hey Dricks,
    All the audio links are broken, do you still have the flac version?


  14. please re-upload the FLAC-version
    many thanks in advance

  15. Damn, posting works again.
    So, yes, i can reupload the Ultra Quality Flac version ;)



  16. Thanks man ! I will upload it to the site this time if you’re ok with it. :)

  17. many grateful thanks for re-uploading!!!

  18. General Hatestorm Says:
    March 23rd, 2020 at 8:54 pm

    Hey Dricks could you please upload the ultra quality somewhere it doesn’t get deleted in a few days? Google Drive for example? ;)

    I really want to download the ultra quality FLAC but every single one of your links are dead.

  19. damnit and I cant find the archive on my drive anymore either …

  20. Hello Dricks, I have just came over salademais channel on youtube and I have found Novastorm soundtrack there, made by you. Thought it would have made from your FLAC game recording, and the video is from 2018. Can I ask you to re-upload the FLAC files again? The thing is, I’ve encountered that forum thread in 2009, and still I can’t download it in FLAC, since I was always late and the link was dead all the time))) Sorry to disturb you and thanks in advance.

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