Selected Sorcerian PC88VA Game Recordings

Hey guys ! Remember when I posted this in 2009 and kinda implied there’s be a follow up ? Well there it is !

In this pack, you’ll find the never released on disk soundtracks of the 5 Selected Sorcerian games.

As hardcoregaming101 puts it, “The Selected Sorcerian disks were created through a contest held by Comptiq magazine of Japan. Users submitted scenario ideas/designs, and the editor-in-chief of Comtiq and the president of Falcom presided as judges. Each scenario disk contained two new scenarios to embark upon.”

They were licensed by Takeru Soft and developed by Amorphous, and as such no “Sound Team JDK” member worked on the music. Hiroshi Nishizawa and Daisuke Takahashi handled it pretty well though and the Sorcerian feeling is there indeed. Some of the original compositions occasionally were re-used too.

These recordings of the PC88VA versions were found on Japanese P2P software Share years ago.

So yah, eventhough that’s not exactly Falcom work here, that’s still something new for most of you Falcom fans to feast your ears to ! Enjoy ! ^^

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4 Responses to “Selected Sorcerian PC88VA Game Recordings”

  1. Holy crap! What a coincidence! See, just the other day I got the urge to listen to some Selected Sorcerian but did not have access to my PC tunes. So I hopefully searched for it on YouTube, as you never know if somebody’s uploaded it. I came across a video you uploaded a few weeks backs and thought I’d check up on this awesome site again. And whaddya know! Amazing updates as always Niki!

    By the way, do you have this album?

    Just let me know if you want an upload, bud. Merci, mon ami.

  2. ahaha the cosmos works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it ? :p

    I actually don’t and would be curious to hear it indeed. Whenever you have time !

    Et de rien, mon ami ~ ^^


    Here you go, mate. It’s only Nishizawa’s stuff, and even then it’s not complete, but it’s a nice album nonetheless, sounding slightly different as you would expect and with a couple bonus arrangements too. :)

  4. Thanks a lot man ! Cheers :D

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