Sorcerian Additional Scenarios

88_s20_vanelubaIf you’re familiar with Falcom, you’re probably familiar with the Sorcerian series.  If you don’t, Sorcerian was one of Falcom’s early game, ranking 5 in the Dragon Slayer timeline.  The game was basically divided in several scenarios, and you got to play as one of your typical RPG class, recruiting new members in Pentawa, the main town of the game. Yuzo Koshiro, Mieko Ishikawa and a few others scored this game, and it was a great success.

So much that Falcom decided to release additional scenarios to the game. This time, Mieko Ishikawa did all the music by herself. You can find some arrange versions of her work on Sorcerian Super Arrange Vol.2 and Vol.3. Those are actually the only official releases you’ll find music from those titles on.

And there come those PC88VA game recordings I found on Share years ago. In this first archive, you’ll find music from Sorcerian Additional Scenario Vol.1, Vol.2 AKA Sengoku Sorcerian and Vol.3 AKA Pyramid Sorcerian. It’s full of pretty rawking Mieko Ishikawa chiptunes, so I hope you’ll enjoy them ~

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  1. I used some Photoshop perspective magic on the photo of Pyramid Sorcerian to make a box shot comparable to the first two volumes:
    PSD may require version 11 (CS4) for full support.

  2. Whoah that’s pretty neat ! btw sorry man, didn’t notice your comment earlier in the pending queue. ^^;

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