Story of Thor 2 Game Recording

Quoting the nfo:

Composed by the famous Yuzo Koshiro, the music from The Story of Thor 2 was never officialy released for sale. There are records on the web showing that a self-produced CD was released by Ancient surely mostly for their own archiving needs, but I believe a few copies made it to some fans collections. Some of the few infos can be found at Ancient’s site itself. (or rather, could)

Reasons for the fact it was never released could be it’s uncommon nature. No loops, no main themes, no or few event music… In fact, the musical atmosphere in SoT2 involves a lot of silence. You’ll walk around and a music will suddenly fade-in depending on where you are, play and then be followed by another silence. The songs themselves aren’t conventionally composed, as they progressively evolve without ever repeating themselves, much like some classical music pieces. Some of the songs, like the Wind Shrine theme, actually make you think of classical symphonies.

Sadly, it is saturn ADX audio compressed at it’s worse, and the sound quality is of course damaged by it. The thing is it was one of the first games for the Saturn and they were probably still experimenting with the sound processor. Ah well… Still another great work by Yuzo Koshiro. ^_^

This rip was recorded from the Saturn via my PC line-in in Cool Edit. As the volume varied GREATLY from one song to another, I then normalized the songs. There are still pretty big differences in audio levels, but I just can’t fix that without remastering the audio, and that just wouldnt be right. The buzz noise you’ll maybe hear in some of the most silent tracks, if putting the volume up, is due to both the analogic recording and the Saturn ADX audio compression. The track names were taken from the game location names for the most part. It can be noted that “Final Battle” is also the 2nd introduction music.

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  1. I’ve been searching for this soundtrack for years! So pleased to finally find it, and it sounds just as good as I remember it. Thanks!

  2. Glad to hear that. :D

    Also, your site rawks. Shining Force <3

  3. Thanks guys, I just about lost it looikng for this.

  4. Dear niki, ju and Olive,
    I can’t thank you enough for this marvelous gift, I really thank you from the bottom of my hart, after founding the music of the my ever-loved game on the Sega Saturn, my also beloved console of all time.
    I got the soundtrack from a friend 5 years ago, without anything else, I thanked him a lot, as he knew how big of a fan I am to this game.
    Recently, I discovered another rip, which is yours, the same, but this time with a file description, and guess what ? I found you !
    Now I know you is behind this rip, at least the source, I tried the old link which does not work anymore, after that I googled, and I’m here.
    Again, I cannot express all my gratitude for this rip, of course I have the game, but had no time neither the hardware to do it. I’ve been listening to this amazing soundtrack for years now, without loosing from it’s charm, I really love it, I even burned it as an Audio-CD and printed the cover of the Japanese version of the game editing it !! this is how much love I have for this game and it’s music.
    I know that there’s no superior quality out there, I did many long researches, that’s why I was happy with your release guys ! this awesome OST deserves it’s own official release by mister Yuzo himself or Ancient maybe… just dreaming…
    Anyways, I wrote a lot so I wanted to thank you again and again for this, and by the way, the other releases here are fantastic, some of the things here are really rare.
    Kind regards;

  5. Oh, another thing, are you French ? because Salade de Maïs is French ! just asking, because my 2nd language is French ! Merci beaucoup ;)

  6. Thanks a lot for your message Mahmoud ! I’m sorry it got lost in the spam filter for so long so I hope you read this eventually. It’s messages like this that motivate all of us to keep sharing for people like you ! :D

    Et oui on est Français ^_^

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