Toki (aka Juju Densetsu) Arcade Rip

When I was about 8 years old, my dad often give me a coin to play Arcade Machine on sunday. The nearest Arcade Machine near my home was Toki, also know as Juju Densetsu in Japan.
I loved this game even if it was very difficult to me.
Years later, I trie Toki on Megadrive/Genesis but this version is far away from the Arcade version (too far, crap I mean).
I now will take my revenge on this game, buying the Jamma version for my beautiful New Astro City! ^^
Musics are from Yukihiko Kitahara for the Jamma version, the Megadrive version was adapted by Pierre-Eric Loriaux from Ocean French team and he make a great job, but it’s not exactly the same taste to me.

Hope you enjoy this piece of my childhood memory .

>> Download <<

6 Responses to “Toki (aka Juju Densetsu) Arcade Rip”

  1. Great !

    Music by Yukihiko Kitahara btw =p

  2. Oh thanks, can’t find who it was after a long search.

    When typing his name on Google, I find your article about Falcom Sound Team JDK Composers in first page with him in it.
    I understand why you find him now. ^^

    Fixed version uploaded.

  3. lol actually i didnt even notice xD

    Just used GMCL =)

  4. i love this game ! that’s it

  5. Emperor Udan Says:
    October 27th, 2009 at 12:10 am

    A game of my childhood. ^^
    Many stages, huge boss and hard to finish, as I love them.
    I have to find it on jamma pcb now. :-)

    Thanks for the comment name.

  6. I told my kids we’d play after I found what I needed. Damnit.

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