Speed Drawing #2


Les speed drawings continuent. Pour l’instant je ne m’en lasse pas. =p

I want to see you draw my Rococo the Magical Baker. :3

Hmm, can you draw… one of those face-offs between Samurai in a grass field where both have their swords raised into positions and its all quiet and the only sound is the gentle breeze of the wind plus a cricket, and both men squint their eyes as they know that only one may walk away from this duel alive, and they both know that it will be an honorable death to die in such a way and its all samurai and ancient japan and stuff? tl;dr: draw two samurai about to attack each other.

Draw Xroc88 being Baby Lavos’d. Whatever that means… I couldn’t think of anything else.

hey could you maybe draw an astronaut – female – sort of floating away but attached to her spaceship – preferrably one of those old multiple-rocketed russian models – by some sort of wire?

Could you draw your interpretation of my username? Whatever you want it to be :P

I want to see your rendition of your’s and Virginie’s wedding. Because drawings of one’s family are always lol.

I’m gonna pop in and make a request. Lets see how creative you can get. I wanna see a post apocalyptic scenario where chuck norris is laying the beat down on jackie chan. Has to have volcanoes in the background and some futuristic building ruins. A half destroyed moon in the sky, and whatever else you see fit to add.

A wizard riding a unicorn on a rainbow in space.

I only request one drawing: Denicalis and myself preparing ourselves a glass of absinthe as hordes of beautiful Swedish blond-haired and scantily-clad concubines dance merrily in a narcotic haze all around us… ON THE MOON. (No space gear required since we know there is no moon and the “landing” was filmed in a TV studio anyway.)

Sticking with the whole outer space thing, a whale in a suit and top hat opening its mouth to swallow the moon. The moon cringeing in fear!

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    2 Comments zu “Speed Drawing #2”

    1. tinba
      20.09.07 11:36 am

      toujours aussi sympa :D
      on peut en faire nous aussi des requetes ? >_>


    2. philippe
      27.09.07 3:29 pm

      Hey putot cool tous ça…
      enfin on va revoire des petits dessins d’un grand dessinateur…
      Mais moi j’attend toujours le plus important….
      Bon courage niki
      sa me fait plaisir de revoir tes dessins…
      J’avoue je comprend rien a rien a tous sa mais bon je m’en fou ten que je vois tes dessins…


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