Speed Drawing #3


Repost des speed drawings …

I’d love to see a drawing of a robot standing in the middle of a field (with some flowers, blue sky & clouds, and maybe a couple of trees), looking contemplative, as if he suspects he doesn’t quite belong.

as for a request I once read in a review of Heavenly Sword that Nariko look like she has a octopus on her head instead of hair. So that’s my request draw me Nariko with an octopus as her hair, oh and more! while we’re at it draw your interpretation of the Twing-twang thing that Nariko ask Kai to do XD


Could you draw the Jack-In-The-Box fast food chain mascot and a tall curly haired man relaxing on a Southern Baptist only sea cruise with some pterodactyls? It sounds really strange but it’s kind of an in joke with a friend of mine.


Hmm I want you to draw the creepiest, scariest and such dark place. Think Silent Hill, Bioshock or Rule of Rose or even type of scenarios. And yes… I want a kitten or a cat as a subject in this room/road/park. May this cat/kitten be corrupted or something along the lines. May it be black and let it been seen by a couple in horror.


niki, can you pleasepleaseplease draw me gleefully rolling around a Katamari ball and picking up random GFFers while others try to run for cover? If that’s not too much trouble.


Hmm.. I’d like to see a werewolf themed pic, wherein, an angry (pitchfork and torch-wielding) mob watches on as they lynch some poor sop. There should also be a werewolf lurking not too far in the darkness!



If you can, I’d like to see some dude(wearing a tux!) swinging an axe at a fairy(wearing a top hat) who won’t get off of his grand piano.


draw lix in the midst of his GONNA EAT U SON pounce attack on this top-hatted whale using them Japanese speed line thingies – thar be reference material in my journal if you need it. =I

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