Canada Sketchbook ~ Meaningful Balloon

Yesterday around midnight I randomly went out for a cig. Once out, I lit my cig and randomly decided to take a walk to the road, which I never do. So I walked quietly on the dirt road, puffing on my Marlboro. When I almost reached the house by the road, a balloon slowly fell from the sky, floating right in my direction. I grabbed it, and it had some promotional writing on it for Lick’s 30th birthday. Midnight passed and I was 31.

I know I see Signs easily, but come on ~


Canada Sketchbook ~ Raccoons

Big party yesterday. Lots of fun but being an old grumpy hermit, I needed some fresh air after a while. I just walked around small Toronto streets, and at one point noticed shadows crossing the road a bit further away. Walked closer and it actually was a raccoon family with at least 5 cubs. The mother starred at me with her wild, clever shiny eyes for a short moment, then slowly moved away to a dark alley by a house. The cubs followed her, and as the last one came over, I talked to him. He actually stopped. Got on his back paws, and starred at me, very intrigued. It lasted a good 15 seconds, as he seemed very interested in the noises I was making. Then he disapeared as well. I thus headed back to the decadent modern world, happy that my steps leaded me to such a mysterious encounter. This is the rendition I made the following morning on a pack of cig while fighting my hangover.


Ninja Cat VS the Aristocratic Rabbit T Shirt

Eeeeeenfin fini mon visuel de tshirt pour le site lafraise. C’est un revamp d’un vieux dessin d’il y a quelques années héhé. Ça a été long car il a fallu tout vectoriser et je deteste ça, mais bon c’est fait. En espérant qu’il soit confirmé maintenant ~

Fiiinally done with tshirt visual for a lafraise. It’s a revamp of this old drawing. T’was long ’cause I had to vectorize it and I hate doing that kind of stuff, but well it’s done. Let’s hope it gets confirmed now ~


Wi’ My Dog and Gun

Je me suis dit que je pourrais poster une meilleure version de la nouvelle bannière. J’ai donc en effet depuis peu un petit Border Collie nommé Earl. Il est génial. =D

Et voui pas de gun, mais j’adore cette chanson héhé ~


Thought I’d post a better version of the new banner. I’ve had a Border Collie puppy for a month now. His name is Earl, and he’s pretty awesome. =D

And yeah, no gun, but I love that song hehe ~