Community Medicine: A Student's Manual by Parikshit Sanyal

By Parikshit Sanyal

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By Parikshit Sanyal

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Thalassemia). 5. e. the income, education and occupational status). 6. e. forming rigid standards of health care, sanitation and issues relating to health. Specific protection. The measures which target particular diseases. The idea of specific protection, especially that killer diseases could be stopped by simple interventions such as ‘vitamin oils’ and ‘shots’ gained mass acceptance in between 1970–1990s. 1. Immunization. 2. Nutrient supplementation (vitamin A, iodine). 3. Chemoprophylaxis (prior medication to at risk population).

It provides the greatest number of possible samples, but it is also most prone to produce a distorted sample. For example, out of fifty girls and fifty boys, a random sample of 20 has to be chosen. Now it is perfectly possible that the sample of 20 that we choose has exactly 10 girls and 10 boys. e. we could select more girls than boys or vice versa. It is, by sheer chance, also possible that we select only girls, and that would be an embarrassingly distorted sample, not even close to representating the population.

Accuracy A test is accurate when 1. It yields results equal, on the average, to a GOLD STANDARD test. 2. The test result indicates the true progression of the disease. Suppose you devise method X to determine blood glucose. To qualify as accurate, this test has to yield results consistent with that of the Glucose oxidase reaction; in addition, it must truly reflect the progression of diabetes mellitus. Chapter–1 n Health and Disease Validity This is the challenge: To distinguish truth from just another chance finding.

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