Fed Up!: Winning the War Against Childhood Obesity by Susan Okie

By Susan Okie

Examines many of the elements contributing to early life weight problems, equivalent to terrible vitamin, loss of workout, suburban sprawl, and television, and offers suggestion on how mom and dad could make optimistic adjustments.

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By Susan Okie

Examines many of the elements contributing to early life weight problems, equivalent to terrible vitamin, loss of workout, suburban sprawl, and television, and offers suggestion on how mom and dad could make optimistic adjustments.

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The rest may be due to gene variants more common in one ethnic population than another, so that genes predisposing someone of Mexican descent to obesity might differ from those determining risk for Polynesians. “This is what makes the genetics so complicated,” Leibel says. “We don’t know which ones are the major players and we don’t know which ones are the minor players. ” Although genes determine individual vulnerability to weight gain, environmental factors help dictate the outcome—the weight that a person reaches during childhood or adulthood.

Both children had been normal-sized infants at birth but had insatiable appetites. They were not diabetic, and their bodies burned calories at normal rates. Their obesity was chiefly the result of constant eating: their bodies were more than 50 percent fat. Tests showed that both children had a mutation in the gene for leptin. Their fat cells could not make the hormone, so their brains were not receiving a critical signal needed to regulate their appetites. The pair of cases represented the first discovery of a single-gene cause of obesity in humans.

If you want to protect children—your own and those of others— from the greatest threat to their future health, start now. C H A P T E R 2 Obese Twins and Thrifty Genes R udy Leibel’s genes may have predisposed him to become a brilliant scientist, but his decision to spend his life trying to discover the cause of obesity was not predestined. That choice was influenced by an angry mother. Not Leibel’s mother, but the mother of a fat boy named Randall. They met in 1977. Rudolph L. Leibel was a rising star on the Harvard Medical School faculty, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Cambridge City Hospital, in Massachusetts.

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