Molecular Cloning - Selected Applns. in Medicine and Biology by G. Brown

By G. Brown

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By G. Brown

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Nevertheless, calcium phosphate nanoparticles introduced by Roy et al. (2003) are ultra-low size entities around 80 nm in diameter and it seems to be able to protect encapsulated DNA from environmental DNases with capability of surface modifications. This new class of nanoparticles have been used for gene delivery to liver. 2 Diethylaminoethyl (DEAE)-dextran This method is based upon the negative charge of DNA and the positive charge of diethyl aminoethyl-dextran leading to the formation of a complex and adherence of the complex to the cell surface followed by endocytosis.

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Clifton, New Jersey, United Stated. Gonzalez H, Hwang SJ, Davis ME (1999). New class of polymers for the delivery of macromolecular therapeutics, Bioconjug Chem. 10:1068– 1074. Gulick T (2003). Curr Protoc Cell Biol. Transfection using DEAE-dextran. 4. Guyden J (1993). Techniques for gene cloning and expression. In: Recombinant DNA technology edited by Steinberg M, PTR Printic Hall, New Jersey, United States, pp: 81-97. Hammarskjold ML (1991). Manipulation of SV40 vectors. In: Methods in molecular biology, Vol7: Gene transfer and expression protocols edited by Murray EJ Clifton, Humana Press Inc, pp: 169-173.

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