The complete idiot's guide to baby names by Sonia Weiss

By Sonia Weiss

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By Sonia Weiss

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By all indications, there was more than one language from the get-go, as many researchers have looked for evidence of one single language and have come up empty-handed. What they did find, however, were enough similarities between certain languages to group them into language families. One of the largestthe Indo-European familyis where most of our names derive from today. Page 14 The people who get the credit for being the source of this language family are believed to have lived some 5,000 years ago in eastern Europe.

Where original English names had been drawn chiefly from the Anglo-Saxon language, Norman names were primarily of German or French origin (the Normans having conquered these countries first), Page 16 which we today associate with German- or French-speaking peoples. So, thanks to the Norman Conquest, many of the names we today think of as being English are actually German or French in origin. Before William and his crew arrived, it was an English tradition to create new names by combining elements from existing names.

Here's how. 75 8 In the Middle Middle names are afterthoughts for many parents, but they shouldn't be. Learn why they're important and how to choose a good one. 85 9 Neo-Names Thinking about creating that perfect name for your new arrival? Here's how to do it. 97 10 Multiplicities Are you getting ready for two or even more children at once? Be ready with a group of great baby names. 109 Page v Part 3: Star-Spangled Names 119 11 The Wild, Wild West From Cody to Callie, these are the names that shaped our frontier heritage.

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