The Literary Culture of Nonconformity in Later by N. H. Keeble

By N. H. Keeble

E-book by means of Keeble, N. H.

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By N. H. Keeble

E-book by means of Keeble, N. H.

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128 I ·James's Order in Council of 4 May 1688, commanding that his second ~Dttlaration of Indulgenceof 27 April should be read from all parish pulpits, . ·, It seemed a nea·t mow:an episcopal refusal to distribute the Declarationto their clergy might be tlllpleted to antagonize nonconformists; episcopal compliance to win nonconllnnl,t rratitude to the king who had stayed persecution. Either way, nonconfonnists would be drawn into the royalist camp. The tactic, however, " ·backfired: instead of alienating the established church, it allied that church with nonconformists in opposition to the kinaj Extensive nonconformist support for the stand of S~ncroft and the six bishops against the Declarationwas confirmed by the careful disclaimer, in their Petiiionof 18 May begging to be excused the Ordtr, of 'any want of due tenderness to dissenters' and its expression of a willingness 'to come to such a temper' with them 'as shall be thou1ht fit when 4 Schism by law 65 that matter shall be considered and settled in Parliament and Convocation'.

Rather than plot against England, he refused complicity in such schemes and was himself the victim of assassination plots: his companion John Lisle was murdered at Lausanne on 11 August 1664. 12 2 'THESE The conclaves SO MUCH CENSURED Quakers (of as great number) to whom Capt. Oohn] Crooke is preacher. 14 London Presbyterians did not wait until the indulgence of 1672 before putting up buildings specifically for meetings . It was, again in 1669, reported that houses had been 'new built on purpose' for the congregations of Thomas Doolittle in Mugwell (now Monkwell) Street, Thomas Vincent in Hand Alley, Bishopgate Street ('spacious ...

Through all the vicissitudes of these 30 years their constancy had testified 'that conscien~e towards God may have a greaterharid .. ' This might serve as a sub-title to Marvell's Rehearsal Transpros'd, and, indeed, as the motto of the body of nonconformist writing. It was a principle nonconformist witness had brought the law to recognize. When Howe, who accompanied Wharton to the United Provinces in the late 1680s, met Burnet at Utrecht, the future Bishop of Salisbury observed that nonconformity 'coul~ not subsist long ...

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