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Pressured before you are ready to buy, let your salesperson know that you are just not ready. That should be the end of it. m. Chances are that if the leadership of the company has approved selling that unit at that price, they will honor it until the unit is sold. There are rare exceptions to this with bona fide sales involving factory/distributor incentives, or other specials, but it is more likely that the salesperson is trying to make a quota or end-of-month deadline. Do not be pressured into making a decision until you are ready.

A piano should perform consistently for at least an entire generation, and often for more. So to meet all of these requirements and many others, fine pianos must have excellent properties in design, materials, and execution of the crafting and assembly processes. All of this costs the manufacturer, who must pass the expense on to the retailer, who, in turn, has expenses in operating a dealership, which get passed on to you. In this chapter, we will review the various factors in more detail that influence the price you pay for a new piano.

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