Construction of Shared Knowledge During Collabo by Chi, Jeong

By Chi, Jeong

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By Chi, Jeong

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Born Liars: Why We Can't Live Without Deceit

Research the reality approximately mendacity with this attractive examine how deception offers us a survival part and shapes humankind.

mendacity is an intrinsic a part of our social textile, however it can be a deeply frustrating and misunderstood point of what makes us human. Ian Leslie takes us on a desirable trip that makes us query not just our personal dating to the reality, but additionally nearly each day-by-day come across we have now. at the manner he dissects the heritage of the lie detector, how mom and dad have an effect on their children's angle to mendacity (and vice versa), Who desires to Be a Millionaire? , the philosophical ambiguity of telling the reality, invoice Clinton's presentational prowess, ask yourself Woman's lasso of fact, and why we should always be cautious of an individual with greater than one hundred fifty fb neighbors. Born Liars is thought-provoking, anecdotally pushed narrative nonfiction at its most sensible. Ian Leslie's intoxicating mix of anthropology, biology, cultural heritage, philosophy, and well known psychology belies a major relevant message: that people have developed and thrived largely as a result of their skill to deceive.

Kurzlehrbuch Psychiatrie German

Dieses Buch ist f? r Medizinstudenten ebenso gedacht wie f? r ? rzte bei der Vorbereitung auf die Facharztpr? fung. Die Idee dabei warfare, das notwendige Wissen im Bereich der Psychiatrie in kompakter shape und knapper Sprache darzustellen mit dem Ziel, das systematische Lernen des Stoffes zu erleichtern.

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It is this very group that in major wayreveals their features as those of psychopractices, and thus it shall be subjected to more thorough scrutiny. In addition to aforementioned groups of rituals which are common for all religions, each religion has its specific, solely proper rituals. A ritual is a comprehensive element of all known forms of religion. Yet, notwithstanding the manifold factual material available, the core subject-matter of religious ritual still remains insufficiently comprehended and studied.

The most bright analogy is the similarity between the defense mechanism of suppression that reveals through one’s “forgetting” the factors that bother him, and the magic ritual of deliverance from PSYCHOLOGICAL PRACTICES IN MYSTIC TRADITIONS: FROM ARCHAIC TO OUR DAYS. Andrey G. Safronov 41 troubles by means of getting rid of (burying, burning, drowning) an item that symbolizes them. Another sample is the analogy between the transference– the mechanism of defense that transfers emotional tension from one object onto another one, usually the one that is closer — and various rituals of religious cult items’ consecration through their contact with other, already consecrated items [235].

They often happen to individuals without any serious emotional problems who can be treated as completely “normal” in all other aspects. Moreover these emotions, being experienced in favourable environment and well adopted, can produce very useful results: improve one’s vital activity, facilitate creative skills and “self-actualization” [159]. The first investigators of altered states of consciousness evoked by meditative and yoga practices assumed all ASC to be more or less equivalent. Later on it became clear that this was an absolutely untrue assumption.

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