Doctors and the State in the Soviet Union by Michael Ryan (auth.)

By Michael Ryan (auth.)

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By Michael Ryan (auth.)

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That feature of their socio-economic development is in turn directly related to particularly high birthrates. A separate topic for investigation is the balance of the sexes in the more prestigious and better paid medical posts. Posing the question in vernacular terms, it can be asked: do women doctors get their fair share of the top jobs? 2 Women doctors and women in the workforce: by Union Republic, 1983 Women as percentage of doctors USSR Russian SFSR Ukrainian SSR Belorussian SSR Uzbek SSR Kazakh SSR Georgian SSR Azerbaidzhan SSR Lithuanian SSR Moldavian SSR Latvian SSR Kirgiz SSR Tadzhik SSR Armenian SSR Turkmen SSR Estonian SSR Women as percentage of workforce• 68 72 51 63 53 70 66 46 62 57 59 71 57 76 62 52 52 52 43 49 43 53 51 55 49 68 38 46 80 55 53 41 NoTE (a) Excluding collective farm workers.

Taken together, these can be identified as crucially significant elements of a human resource strategy which has been characteristic of the Soviet health service. To say that is by no means to imply an absence of women doctors in pre-Revolutionary days. Indeed, it is a striking fact that, on the eve of the First World War, women represented as many as 10 per cent of the country's total of civilian doctors and dentists. This figure for 1913, given in later statistical yearbooks, was apparently the highest in Europe at this time.

65; Nar. khoz. SSSR 1983, s. 391. Patterns of Recruitment 43 occupations. In the Soviet economy generally, as Alastair McAuley has noted, women tend to be underrepresented in positions where some exercise of managerial authority would be required. 14 From the published tables of two population censuses it is possible to obtain a complete, Union-wide picture of the sex ratio amongst the occupants of senior posts in operational units. To be exact, the individuals in question are those identified as 'chief doctors and other heads of curative-prophylactic establishments' .

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