Ethiopic Grammar (Ancient Language Resources) by August Dillmann

By August Dillmann

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By August Dillmann

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Form of writing has undergone in Abyssinia are manifold, and will be farther described by-and-by; but they are not so marked as to prevent us from recognising without difficulty the ancient Minao-Sabaic characters in the ordinary Ethiopic ones, independently even of the intervention of the Ethiopic Inscriptions (cf. Table I ) . The character, like the speech itself, and even more decidedly, has kept to a very antique stage. Both in print, and as a rule in Manuscripts, it is inscribed with large, firmly impressed strokes; and the older the manuscripts, the more pronounced is this feature.

DILLMANN'S 'Lexicon linguae Aethiopicae cum indice Latino', Lips. 1865, as well as F. —inchoavit J . H . PETERMANN, continuavit HERM. L . ] 2 PART FIRST. O R T H O G R A P H Y AND PHONOLOGY. As the Ethiopic alphabetic Character differs completely in form and in kind from that of the other known Semitic tongues, the subject itself invites us to begin with a description of that Character. I . OETHOGRAPHY. § 7. The Ethiopic Character has been fashioned, by a series Miuaoof more or less important alterations, from the Minao-Sabaic ^ " character, or one resembling it, and together they represent the Alpha0 { t h e betic Oha* Southern branch of the alphabetical systems, into which the original Semitic alphabet was very early divided.

1. Second Verb determining (a) Kind and Manner, Circumstances or Time of the action of the First:— (a) By the two Verbs being set side by side without (D ({3} By the Verb of Principal Action being subordinated in the Acc. of the Inf. :—(a) By the Gerund By the Imperfect without ffl (Y) Qualifying Verb being introduced by Conjunction, such as ft*}!! -Inf. of Principal Verb 2. Second Verb determining the Contents of the Leading Verb: — (a, a) I n the form of the Acc. -Inf. -Inf. with ft prefixed; (p) Subjunctive without Conjunction (Y) Subjunctive with Conjunction .

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