Food Additive by Y. El-Samragy

By Y. El-Samragy

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By Y. El-Samragy

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Htm Butylated Hydroxy-anisole (E320) BHA/BHT Particularly in fat containing foods, confectionery, meats. 1021/jm00191a02 BHA/BHT is may be 0 carcinogenic to humans. BHA also interacts with nitrites to form chemicals known to cause changes in the DNA of cells. Benzoic acid (E210) Drinks, low sugar products, cereals, meat products. International Chemical May temporarily inhibit digestive enzyme function. Safety Card 0103 May deplete glycine levels. AVOID in asthma, or allergies. Table 2. Food preservatives to avoid 20 Food Additive iii) Flavourings & sweeteners to avoid: Monosodium Gluatamate MSG (E621)* ** Not banned anywhere Processed foods & drinks, soup mixes.

130-136 Assessment of technologies for determining cancer risks from the environment. Darby, PA, USA: DIANE publishing. 1981. pp. 177. ISBN 142892437X. Bucci, Luke (1995). Nutrition applied to injury rehabilitation and sports medicine. Boca Raton: CRC Press. pp. 151. ISBN 0-8493-7913-X. Codex Alimentarius. ". pdf. Evaluation of the carcinogenic hazards of food additives (Fifth report of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives). WHO Technical Report Series, No. 220, 1961 (out of print).

2. Overview of food additives Advances in food technology have resulted in an increased number of modified foods and additives in 20th century. An additive is a substance which may intentionally become a component of food or affect its characteristics. There are about 3000 different food additives defined up to date. Food additives may be divided in several groups; although there is some overlap between them. Main six categories of food additives are classified as preservatives, nutritional supplements, flavoring agents, colorings, texturing agents and miscellaneous.

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