Homo Optimus by Jan Kwasniewski

By Jan Kwasniewski

This version is in English-Very sturdy Condition-A fresh Unmarked replica

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By Jan Kwasniewski

This version is in English-Very sturdy Condition-A fresh Unmarked replica

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The answer is obvious - because they eat better. - However, some have linked the level of uric acid in the blood with the incidence of gout. - Uric acid has no direct association with gout. The gout can occur with a low level of the acid. A reverse situation can also occur. Not more than 2% of people with a high level of uric acid suffer from gout, and these people have some sort of biochemical liability in their peripheral tissues exposed to lower temperatures. Ear lobes, fingers, and toes are the places where the pathology occurs and uric acid accumulates.

The patient as well as the whole of the society absorb these expenses. The answer is to treat it in the most effective way, but the best solution is not to allow the development of the disease. People who save money, for example on food, so they can buy the resin from Tibet are almost condemned, nothing can help them any more. - Nevertheless, many families, especially those on low incomes, do save in the kitchen... - What is saving? Saving means spending money in a smart way. One should not try to save on one's health.

The organism is able to defend itself very well, but it needed the means, it has to have necessary enzymes, specific energy. The liver is able to neutralise many poisons, but it has to be healthy. It cannot perform unnecessary work, for instance it should not have to convert fats into cholesterol. - Indeed. Cholesterol, this word mentioned in any way precipitates fear. Is it warranted? - Shepherds - Hunza, Masai, Abkhazi tribesmen have the lowest levels of cholesterol, and so do my patients after a few years on the optimal diet.

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