Méthode de nutrition - Gérer l'équilibre by Olivier LAFAY

By Olivier LAFAY

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By Olivier LAFAY

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Route of administration Oral, tube, and tube only 11. Carbohydrate source Corn starch, corn syrups, maltodextrin, sucrose, fructose, vegetables, glucose, oligosaccharides, suitably processed cereals and legumes 12. Protein source Proteins of animal origin – casein lactalbumin, egg, albumin, beef extract, amino acids, suitably processed or predigested vegetable proteins such as soy protein isolates, cereals and legume protein, whey protein concentrate, etc. 13. Fat source Long chain triglycerides (LCT), LCT + medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), structured triglycerides 14.

This type of feeding has the advantages of leaving the smallest residual volume and has the least potential for aspiration, bloating, and diarrhea. However, it requires 12–72 h to reach the tube feeding goal rate. Moreover, it needs close monitoring and has the danger of causing bacterial overgrowth. 12 2 Nutrition Support During Illness Fig. 1 Route and methods of enteral feeding Intermittent Tube Feeding Intermittent tube feeding is provided intermittently in between the oral intake. This type of feed is usually well tolerated and may be used in stable patients who have adequate absorptive capacity to tolerate bolus feeding.

1 Characteristics of malted rice milled in cereal milling machinery (1) Name of the mill: Rice huller (Engelberg huller) Brief description of the machinery: Consists of an iron-ribbed cylinder mounted on a rotating shaft fitted in a cylindrical housing. Friction between the grains and the shaft of the huller scrapes the husk and bran in one operation Milling characteristics observed: Almost 100% breakage of malt, pulverization of softer portion of malt to a larger extent, and admixing with husk and bran.

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