Principles and Labs for Physical Fitness by Werner W K Hoeger; Wener W K Hoeger; Sharon A Hoeger

By Werner W K Hoeger; Wener W K Hoeger; Sharon A Hoeger

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By Werner W K Hoeger; Wener W K Hoeger; Sharon A Hoeger

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Many people refrain from physical activity because they lack the necessary skills to enjoy and reap the benefits of regular participation. A Healthy Lifestyle Challenge for the 21st Century Because every person should strive for a better and healthier life, our biggest challenge as we begin the new century is to teach people how to take control of their personal health habits and adhere to a positive lifestyle. A wealth of information on the benefits of fitness and wellness programs indicates that improving the quality and possible length of our lives is a matter of personal choice.

Anorexia 7. Bulimia 8. Mononucleosis 9. Any physical disability that could interfere with safe participation in exercise C. Do any of the following conditions apply? 1. Do you smoke cigarettes? 2. Are you taking any prescription drug? 3. Are you 45 years or older? D. Do you have any other concern regarding your ability to safely participate in an exercise program? If so, explain: 15. A family history of coronary heart disease, syncope, or sudden death before age 60 16. Any other heart problem that makes exercise unsafe Student’s Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________ CHAPTER 1 • WHY PHYSICAL FITNESS?

S. health-care system ranks only 37th in the world. One of the reasons for the low overall ranking is the overemphasis on state-of-the art cures instead of prevention programs. The United States is the best place in the world to treat people once they are sick, but the system does a poor job at keeping people healthy in the first place. Ninety-five percent of our health care dollars are spent on treatment strategies, and less than 5 percent is spent on prevention. Another factor is that the United States fails to provide good health care for all: More than 44 million residents do not have health insurance.

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