Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition by W. Haresign, D.J.A. Cole, W. Haresign and D.J.A. Cole

By W. Haresign, D.J.A. Cole, W. Haresign and D.J.A. Cole (Auth.)

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By W. Haresign, D.J.A. Cole, W. Haresign and D.J.A. Cole (Auth.)

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PHILLIPS, P. and CROOKS, p. (1984b). The Energy Value of Compound Foods for Pigs. Edinburgh Sch. Agric. MORGAN, D . E . and PIGOTT, A. (1978). Report to ADAS Nutrition Chemists Investigations Committee. MAFF; London MORGAN, D . J . , COLE, D . J . A . and LEWIS, D . (1975). R. (1976). Poultry Science, 55, 303 SAC (1973). , p. 160 THE FEEDINGSTUFFS (SAMPLING AND ANALYSIS) REGULATIONS (1982). A. A. (1963). Journal of the British Grassland Society, 18, 104 UKASTA/ADAS/COSAC (1985). Prediction of energy values of compound feed.

16 ESTIMATES OF REPRODUCIBILITY STANDARD DEVIATION USED TO CALCULATES" Constituent (%) Reproducibility SD (No. 198 (3) The matrix V is not diagonal when a regression equation includes interaction terms. The third term is then /2 /2 (A3) b(l + P " ) V (I + P " )b' Vl 12/ where P~ is diagonal with ;th element - P~ . The values of the vector x are different for each diet but zero if a diet has the mean amount of each of the constituents in the equation. For such a diet, the estimate of variation is lowest.

Filtration problems were encountered, however, when additional laboratories took part in a collaborative study, which was organized when the importance of using NDF in equations to predict the DE of pig compound feeds was noted. These filtration problems were also met by workers who had not previously encountered them. The problem may arise from differing batches of amylase used as a pretreatment before boiling the sample with neutral detergent solution. Preliminary work has not succeeded in overcoming these filtration difficulties, but the problem continues to be studied by the working group originally responsible for the analytical work on pig compound feeds.

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