The Hacker's Diet. How to lose weight and hair through by John Walker

By John Walker

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By John Walker

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Any tools that achieve the same end, balancing the calories you eat against the calories you burn, will have the same results. (You can dig a ditch with a pointed stick, a shovel, or a backhoe. The result is the same, but you can get the job done faster and with less effort by using the best tool. ) Note the phrase “over a period of time,” in connection with a calorie excess or deficit. One single event: eating a half gallon of ice cream by yourself, right from the box, at one sitting, or going 36 hours without eating as you drive the Cannonball, doesn’t have the impact of a consistent calorie excess or deficiency over an extended period of time.

Rewardingly occupied too, is the engineer who finds “fix” after “fix,” each revealing another aspect of the problem that requires yet another fix. Neither realises, in their absorption in doing what they love, that the problem is still there and continues to cause difficulties. S. telephone network in the twentieth century provides an excellent example of how management and engineering can, together, solve problems. In the year 1900 there were about a million telephones in the country. By 1985 more than 135 million were installed.

That sounds like a lot, but consider the following: Savoury Snack Ice cream cone Doughnut, glazed Oreo cookies, 5 Beer, 2 cans Chocolate shake Pecan pie (1/6 pie) Calories 220 225 250 300 375 550 These little compensations for life’s vicissitudes can add up. Indeed they do. . to the tune of an extra 1750 calories per week based on a daily excess of 250 calories (250 7 = 1750). The weekly surplus of 1750 calories equals half the calories in a pound of fat (3500 2 = 1750). As week gives way to week, you’ll find you’re THE RUBBER BAG 45 gaining about half a pound a week.

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