The Linux users' guide by Greenfield L.

By Greenfield L.

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By Greenfield L.

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4. MOVING INFORMATION 31 mkdir can take more than one parameter, interpreting each parameter as another directory to create. You can specify either the full pathname or a relative pathname; report-1993 in the above example is a relative pathname. home larry report-1993 mkdir home larry report-1993 chap1 ~ report-1993 chap2 home larry report-1993 ls -F chap1 chap2 home larry report-1993 rmdir directory1 directory2 . . directoryN The opposite of mkdir is rmdir remove directory. An example of rmdir is: rmdir works exactly like mkdir.

If you just want to go on, press Space and you'll advance a page. If you want to exit quit the manual page you are reading, just press q . You'll be back at the shell prompt, and it'll be waiting for you to enter a new command. There's also a keyword function in man. For example, say you're interested in any commands that deal with Postscript, the printer control language from Adobe. Type man -k ps or man -k Postscript, you'll get a listing of all commands, system calls, and other documented parts of Unix that have the word ps" or Postscript" in their name or short description.

Either discover how your window manager is con gured by trial and error, or consult local documentation. 3 Moving Windows Another very con gurable thing in X is how to move windows around. In my personal con guration of twm, there are three di erent ways of moving windows around. The most obvious method is to move the mouse cursor onto the title bar and drag the window around the screen. Unfortunately, this may be done with any of the left, right, or middle buttons3 .  Most likely, your con guration is set to move windows using the left mouse buttons.

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