The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War by Peter Young

By Peter Young

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By Peter Young

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Harry Hopkins himself joined this protest; Roosevelt and Morgenthau therefore had to shelve indefinitely the plan so accurately described by General Eisenhower. Moreover in London, the Treasury informed the Prime Minister that if German productivity were completely destroyed, she would no longer be able to pay for her imports, and England would therefore lose an important market . . as soon as peace came. The argument with which Morgenthau had won over Lord Cherwell was therefore entirely refuted.

T • * f 1 who discovered Ravensbriick, BergenBelsen, Buchenwald, and Dachau seem to have reacted differently. It would appear that neither the military nor the political authorities, normally so strict in matters of discipline, took the trouble at the time to stem this tide of bestiality. Very much to the contrary, journalists and intellectuals such as the well-known Ilya Ehrenburg incited the Red Army in the press and on the radio to dishonour their victory. And this homicidal propaganda cannot but have had the approval of the Kremlin.

In 1945, when V-2's were falling on In rocketry, envisaged. Research had begun before the war, but unlike the work of the nuclear physicists it was centralised and under firm leadership. Walter Dornberger, an ex- largest guns of World War I. German work was interrupted by heavy air raids on the research centre at Peenemiinde, and earlier in 1943 when Hitler ordered a cutback in supplies after suffering from a bad dream on the subject of rockets. There were two major projects, A4 (V-2) ballistic missile and FZG 76 (V-l) flying bomb.

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