The near infra-red absorption spectrum of calcite by Ellis J.W.

By Ellis J.W.

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By Ellis J.W.

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Smaller-scale water systems have emerged with the local reuse of grey water, recycling of sewage into horticultural precincts, and trapping stormwater for reuse. Similar local-scale systems are emerging for energy with mini-grids that use renewables and with co-generation, such as in Japan (NEDO 2005). What is likely to happen is that small-scale systems will be grafted onto larger regional-scale technologies and integrated through clever electronic control systems. Thus localscale diversity will fit into regional-scale systems.

The role of sustainability assessment in the development approvals system is critical to mandate ways of saving water and energy (see chapters 6 and 9). Biodiversity and Ecological Integrity The earth cannot be neglected in housing policy deliberations. The Melbourne Principles developed by the United Nations Environment Program to guide cities to become sustainable ecosystems (Newman and Jennings forthcoming) are being adopted by cities around the world to adapt developments to bioregions and especially to local biodiversity.

Community, Regions, ‘Sense of Place’ and Heritage Sustainability recognizes the reality and diversity of community and regions for the management of the earth, and the critical importance of ‘sense of place’ and heritage (buildings, townscapes, landscapes and culture) in any plans for the future. 6. Net Benefit from Development Sustainability means that all development, and particularly development involving extraction of non-renewable resources, should provide a legacy of enduring value and thus should strive to provide net environmental, social and economic benefit for future generations.

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