The Principles of Nutrition for Practitioners and Students by C. F. Brockington

By C. F. Brockington

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By C. F. Brockington

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After the period of growth has ended, and indeed from the earliest moment of our lives until death, an unceasing process of renewal of all tissue cells in every part of the body goes on unobtrusively in every organ. You may think of yourself as the same person year in year out ; in effect the whole of the body is changed by such processes of renewal almost every year. I t follows that the adult needs food for tissue replacement just as urgently, but in less amount, as the child needs it for growth.

The only truly trace element diseases in man are goitre and cretinism from lack of iodine. 3. What mineral elements are apt to be absent or deficient in our diet ? Most of the elements occur so widely in nature that we have no cause to be concerned about them. N. D 34 THE PRINCIPLES OF NUTRITION origin. These two elements are, however, lost in perspiration, so that those who live in hot countries and, for example, miners, need to take plenty of salt. Miner's cramps are a symptom of salt depletion.

How can a sufficiently high protein intake be secured for the child and the expectant mother ? You may ask how is it possible to give a child 45 gm. of animal protein ? Here is a simple answer : 1 pint of milk—19 gm. ; 1 egg—6 gm. ; 4 oz. of meat—20 gm. = 45 gm. Since milk is the most biologically complete protein it is a safe recommendation for every child to have a full quart of milk daily = 38 gm. + one egg = 44. I t is almost certain that milk is of high value to grown-ups also, and the example of Finland might be followed, where a quart of milk is drunk by every citizen—young, old, man, woman, and child.

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