To Save You by George Loring, S.I.

By George Loring, S.I.

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By George Loring, S.I.

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Man only transforms the matter. Sometimes, these transformations are so original that we call them “creations”, but this way of speaking is not adequate. God has created the Universe, because He has made it out of nothing 6. God made some beings by using others that already existed. 1. The same way a carpenter uses a saw to cut wood and make a table. Parents are mere instruments of God. They do not know if the child will be smart or dumb, tall or short, hale or sickly. Normally, rather than making things directly, “God has them happen”310.

It must also be understood that “pure spirits which also receive the name of angels”, confirming the traditional interpretation313. The First Vatican Council spoke of two orders of creatures, corporal and spiritual, as equivalents of world and angels314. Jesus mentions angels as real and active creatures315. That is why the existence of angels is Dogma of Faith316it was expressly defined by the Fourth Council of Lateran317. The existence of angels is witnessed by innumerable passages of the Holy Scriptures, although we know little of their functions and nature.

The reason to believe does not lie in the fact that the revealed truths appear as true and intelligible under the light of natural reason. We believe because of the authority of God who reveals and cannot deceive Himself, nor deceive us. However, God has wanted to give us motives of credibility that show that the acceptance of faith is not a blind movement of the spirit285. Fideism, which is to believe without proof, has a strictly protestant root (Barth, Bultman). Has influenced some Catholic theologians who have forgotten Peter’s mandate286 to give reason of his hope.

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