A Decision Support System for Evaluating Ranges and Airspace by Robbert et al

By Robbert et al

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By Robbert et al

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This is especially important for fighters, which have relatively short unrefueled ranges and for which aerial refueling on routine training missions is not a practical option. 3 and described in the accompanying text). 1. 2. 1 Maximum Free Cruising Distances (in nm) for Fighter Training Sorties Sortie Type A/OA-10 F-15C F-15E General AHC 283 219 485 F-16CG F-16CJ 172 172 172 Air-to-air ACM 283 146 218 88 88 88 BFM 283 79 145 88 88 88 DCA 209 242 88 88 88 OCA 209 242 88 88 88 144 348 247 247 247 SAT 144 222 100 100 100 FAC-A 144 CAS 144 222 100 100 100 OCA_ANTIHELO Air-to-ground BSA 144 SEAD 349 SEAD-C NOTE: OCA F-16GP = 100 100 offensive counter air.

Limitations on the available data are discussed in Appendix E. COMPARISON OF CURRENT INFRASTRUCTURE WITH REQUIREMENTS An important element of our analytic structure is a capability to compare requirements and resources. Linkages and models embedded in the range and airspace database permit current infrastructure and requirements to be compared for each MDS/sortie-type combination. These comparisons are reflected in a series of tables in the database and in a display accessible via a web browser.

3 Cruising Distances Between Bases, Low-Level Routes, and Maneuver Areas (in nm) Base Cannon MDS F-16CG, F-16GP Length Distance Distance Distance Total of (Base to Maneu- (Route to (Range Cruising Route Routea Route) ver Area Area) to Base) Distance VR125 171 25 Pecos 44 20 89 MOA DavisA/OA-10 b Monthan Hill F-16CG Moody A/OA-10 b F-16CG Mt. Home F-15E, F-16CJ Pope IR418 & Sevier MOA c 160 12 VR1002 167 63 IR305 166 56 A/OA-10 b Sells MOA 40 40 80 UTTR 0 12 24 Moody MOA Moody MOA 0 0 0 47 0 110 Paradise MOA 0 21 77 Poinsett MOA 108 108 216 Seymour- F-15E Johnson IR012 140 61 Dare County 0 85 146 Shaw VR087 167 63 Poinsett MOA 20 16 99 F-16CJ aMinimum required distance on a route is 160 nm.

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