Atlas of Slices of the Temporal Bone and Adjacent Region: by Henri Sick, Francis Veillon (auth.)

By Henri Sick, Francis Veillon (auth.)

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By Henri Sick, Francis Veillon (auth.)

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45. 46. 47. Lateral pterygoid Cartilage of the auditory tube Tensor veli palatini Lateral wing of the pterygoid process Pharynx (wall of the nasal part ) MandIbular n. Middle meningeal a. Chorda tympani Auditory tube Longus capitis Internal carotid venous plexus Internal carotId a. Carotid canal Cochlea (basal turn) Tympanic n. Petrooccipital sinus Occipital bone Inferior petro us sinus Glossopharyngeal n. Vertebral aa. , accessory n. Medulla oblongata Internal jugular v. Subarachnoid space Neck of the mandible Parotid gland Pterygoid venous plexus Auriculotemporal n.

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. , carotid canal Internal carotId venous plexus Tngeminal ganglion Greater petrosal n. Mandibular n. Middle cranial fossa Sphenosquamous suture Temporal bone (horizontal portion of the squamous part) 13. Middle meningeal a. 14. Temporomandibular Joint 15. Temporal bone ( vertical portIOn of the squamous part) 16. Temporalis 17. Pharynx (nasal part) 18. Longus capitis 19. Constrictor pharyngis superior 20. Cartilaginous part of the auditory tube 21 . Levator veli palatim 22. Auditory tube 23 .

47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. Lateral wing of the pterygoid process Lateral pterygoid Medial pterygoid Pharyngeal ostium of the auditory tube Torus tubarius Tensor veli palatini Lingual n. Inferior alveolar n. Chorda tympani Levator veli palatim Pharyngeal recess Peripharyngeal space Longus capitis Tympanic part of the temporal bone Internal carotid a. Internal carotid venous plexus Carotid canal Temporal bone (petrous part) Rectus capitis antenor Occipital bone (basilar part) Glossopharyngeal n. Inferior petrosal smus Vagus n.

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