Care of the Mentally Ill by Peggy Martin (auth.)

By Peggy Martin (auth.)

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By Peggy Martin (auth.)

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Rebecca thinks (as her parents do) that it is a sign of weakness. Feels somewhat guilty about her present state. Planning Implementation Evaluation To achieve a helping-trusting relationship with Rebecca and to assist her to develop a supportive network through self-help agencies. By being authentic and honest the nu~e provided a supportive, protective and corrective milieu. The nurse was aware that insincerity would only leave Rebecca feeling uneasy as to what to expect, and would inhibit the development of trust.

Communicate with, and support, the patient's family. Implementation Stephen was referred to the nurse therapist for apotrepic therapy. Meyer 1 considered that if a patient could be persuaded to remain in feared situations and could be prevented from carrying out his avoidance rituals, his anxiety would diminish when he learned that the feared consequences do not take place. Stephen was prevented from engaging in his ritualistic behaviour by persuasion, and diversion when necessary. The prevention of ritualistic behaviour initially resulted in Stephen experiencing high levels of anxiety; the nurse ensured that the time Stephen had previously filled with his ritualistic behaviour was occupied by creative activities.

RjpOi4Tric IMtl ralltev 7lifn pllrsic(Jj lap~~, ie. stioKe I 41 Present Physical Condition Mobility and safety factors Vision Result of physical examination Hearing ~~~fiitt eatJSe /a;nd A:zr her &ood @d . Sleep patterns Menstrual cycle Any physical condition for which the patient is receiving treatment? ; won't I .? ,h. ---­ . ,e"'---------Bathir)g 1. Pnillorg qati? sympbm1 ie. MR t'4n /;e ftx;t1d. tct 3. bdes 0/kmily- /awards 11vrsing staff. ass;s1rnce ' Patient's problems identified during interview (list numerically) Implementation It was essential for the nurse caring for Mrs Manningwood Smith to understand that her behaviour was unconsciously motivated and that her symptom provided her with temporary relief from her problems.

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