Electrical Machine Dynamics by D. P. Sen Gupta

By D. P. Sen Gupta

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By D. P. Sen Gupta

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Its magnitude is still3H /2 but it has rotated in space through 90 mechanical degrees. That this is a perfectly general and continuous rotation effect may be shown by simple analysis. 17. /3 electrical radians in time and the windings are displaced by 2nj3 mechanical radians in space. In a 2-pole machine electrical and mechanical radians are equal. f. 33 A REVIEW OF BASIC MACHINE THEORY .... 30" ... 17 Production of rotating magnetic field. 51) where Bph is the maximum value of the flux density wave set up by one phase.

This arises as the ferromagnetic material tries to reach a position in which there will be minimum reluctance to the flux path. Basic similarity exists in all types of motor, but the observer may either be at standstill, rotating, or in fact oscillating. 4 When a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a force as a result of the interaction between this field and the field set up by the current in the conductor. In a rotating system, this force manifests itself as torque.

These are called amortisseur windings. During steady balanced operation they have no effect. They must, however, be designed with an optimum resistance. If this is too high, insufficient damping current will flow; on the other hand if it is too low, heavy amortisseur current will be produced during disturbances but its phase relationship is then such that this has little damping effect. 4 Methods of field excitation The power required to provide the field excitation of a synchronous machine is relatively small, usually less than two per cent of the rating of the generator even on small machines.

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