Elektor electronics. 2004. February. Volume 30. No 329

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Those neutrons and protons that join to form it are universal nuclear modules. Protons are found free as natural hydrogen; neutrons can be set free by energetic nuclear reaction as in the fission of uranium. Study of these particles as independent objects has revealed one more analogue to chemistry: They too react upon collisions at high enough energy to produce a host of new particles, mostly transient ones. Fig. 1 Fermi 10-16 Meters What will we see and what will we come to understand, when we enter into the next levels?

People can tell such people to do anything and they will do it. They have no inner observation or self-consciousness. We need to be conscious of what we ‘pick up’. We turn our consciousness in and expand our awareness out. If you turn your heart, senses, mind and awareness out, there is nothing left on the inside and you have left yourself unrooted. You will be more inclined to, and influenced by the thoughts and energies of others because you have allowed yourself to be tainted by mass emotion.

In the Tao, we believe that the heart tilts 45 degrees towards the North Star and that the North Star exerts a strong pull on the heart. Fig. 16 Axis of the heart’s electromagnetic field In the Tao, we believe that the heart fibers are bundled into seven layers which generate seven electromagnetic fields and seven states of compassion energy. Love Appreciation Gratitude Thankfulness Kindness Gentleness Compassion Fig. 17 Generation of seven electromagnetic fields - 21 - Chapter 1: Foundation of the Universal Tao System is the Cosmic Orbit Meditation Laughing Chi Kung Six Step of Laughing Chi Kung 1.

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